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Two years ago when my illness brought my life to an abrubt stop I thought I couldn't go on. I remember my psych. doctor saying " your illness isn't going to enable you to continue working". I was devistated and remember thinking what will I do now, how will I provide for my family, and how did I get this illness. I remember the anger, fear, anxiety, and frustration that I felt on a daily basis. I remember the promise that I made to myself, that I was going back to college, and I remember how determined I was to keep that promise. I also remember all of the people that told me I wouldn't be able to get into college, as well as, all of the people that I thought were my friends who stopped associating with me when they discovered my illness.

Well, I am pleased to say that I kept my promise and started college in January. I have maintained a 3.25 g.p.a. and I no longer feel the anger, fear, or frustration as often as I once did. My thoughts are no longer dominated by fears of failing, being hospitalized, or having changes in my medication. I now receive disabilty and am no longer stressed by work related issues. I have cultivated new friends who I converse with on a regular basis who cause thought provocation and really motivate me.

I owe a great deal of my success to this board. I have read a lot of the messages posted here and a lot of them have motivated me and saved my life on many occasions. I still have my down days and on those days I come here for advice and a good laugh. I currently take lithium and trileptal for my illness and take my classes online.

Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do! Baby KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!

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