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Hi Again,

Thanks for all the kind words. I'm sorry you are feeling kinda down. It's bound to happen when you are constantly dealing with one ailment after another. ( I thought I would maybe be dealing with some of this stuff when I was 60 or so, but not 35!!) I'm glad I have done all the fun things I have. Every time I had money in my twenties, I went on a trip, or did some fun activity with it, instead of saving it, or investing it. I always wondered if that was foolish, but I'm sure glad now!!

Ok, got off on a tangent there, sorry. Anyhow, you asked me about a mouth guard for my teeth. Yes, I do have one, and I have had one since I was about 22. But there were a few 'manic' years in there where I didn't need any stinking mouth guard because I was invinceable....(I also thought I could exercise for 4 or 5 hours every day, and starve myself) silly girl.

And so now, even with the mouth guard, my bite is off, and it's a chain reaction kind of thing. It's really no big deal. It's sort of funny cause my 12 year old son is getting braces too, so it will be cute. (He thinks so, anyway)

I don't think the shot thing is going to be too bad, I will let you know, but they do it under anesthesia, and they use an ex-ray machine, it's like getting an epidural. If it keeps me from being in pain all the time, I think it's worth it.

I have seen two more doctors, to get opinions, and they all think that a hysterectomy isn't going to really help me anyhow. I have adhesions all over my pelvic cavity. When it's that severe, it usually continues to grow.
I should feel incredibly lucky to have had my daughter, since I have had it for a long time before I had her. I had abdominal pain the whole time I was pregnant, my OB/GYN thought I just had a irritable uterus. He never did listen to me, so I changed docs.

So what is this ebstein bar disease? What does it do to you? It sounds awful, is it serious? I would like to hear more about it, if you have time....

love, :wave:


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