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well I'm not sure what post you are talking about but I used to be on geodon and I had crazy anxiety and absolutely believed I was going to die if I fell asleep, which was scary because I would be stuck in this half sleep half awake state and desperately wanted to be one or other but knew eventually I would fall asleep and "die". The fear of death probably added panic the anxiety because I fought the "in the middle" state so hard instead of relaxing (which was impossible because I couldn't sit still, it took 2 xanax to sit me down for half a minute until it put me to sleep). my doc lowered my dose of geodon and switched xanax for klonpin and the anxiety went away but the geodon was too low to regulate my sleep or keep me from cycling wildly. I'm off geodon now and on seroquel. My entire world changed, I sleep, I feel normal, I roam the house like a caged lion, I don't wake up with numbing depression or go shopping for everything under the sun at super walmart at 3am.
Thanks Reesie,

I was only taking 40 mg so my doc said to just stop it! I started taking seroquel again!! I am very sensitive to these newer meds. Lamicital make me have vision changes and legs swelled. Tripepital made me sick to my stomach & sodium low! Geodon panic attacks, I guess! Yet to see!

Today is a bad day. I am having a bad head day & a lot of chest pain. Reflux I guess. I am calling my doc and telling him pepcid ac is not cutting it!

Hey pferg,

I love seroquel! I now feel something approximating normal! Now if I could just get rid of the migraines and back pain. . . .

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