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Re: BP or OCD?
Jun 17, 2005
You sound just like me. I have bi-polar and OCD disorder. I had OCD when I was a child but didn't know I had a problem. As I got older some of the OCD symtoms went away and changed. I do what you do and I know how you feel about wanting family understand why you do the things you do. In my case, my husband. It has been a terrible stress on our relationship, although, I told him about it before we married. Either he didn't care or didn't believe it because now he in no way understands me and my behaviour. When I was first diagnosed with OCD, my psych prescribed Anafranil for me. It was one of the first drug to treat OCD and now you never hear about it. It was great, it helped me so much but I became so uninhibited and also at age 43 started drinking. Well that became a big problem although it was sure fun at the time. I got on the drug before I started a relationship with my husband and I told him if I ever have to get off Anafranil, our relationship would not be the same.
I was on it or many years and not only did it help my OCD it helped other problems I had as well. Several years ago, I started having seizures. Don't know why. I had to get off the medication because of the seizures. Things haven't been the same since. I have not found a medication yet that helped like Anafranil. Even being on the medication it didn't help the bi-polar. It didn't make me feel like a zombie, just the opposite. I don't take anything for OCD now because none of them I tried helped and I didn't like the way they made me feel. I miss the medication.

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