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My husband's anger is very explosive. He hasn't ever taken it out on a person usually just inanimate objects. He has a dent in every toolbox he owns and I have lost many nic-nack things due to them being thrown. He broke my windshield one time when he threw a screwdriver at his car's engine. It bounced off and hit my windshield cracking it horribly. I saw the whole thing happen but he didn't think that I did. The next day he says, "what happened to your windhshield?" I just about died. I just smiled and told him that it was the flying screwdriver. "Sorry" he said. Didn't bother me because I knew I had a free one coming.
In highschool he had a car that he did body work on and worked on the engine. He went to start it for the first time and it wouldn't start. He pulverized it with a sledge hammer. Had just gotten painted. His mom didn't think that was unusual. And still doesn't think he has issues.
Those are just examples. I have never felt in danger of my safety however. I know when he's having a bad day so I pretty much go into silent stealth mode. Usually works well.
The only time he didn't have this problem was when he was on Zyprexa. Totally normal moods.
It's gotten worse lately I think because of the Strattera that they added to his mix-o-meds.
I know he doesn't want to explode, he just does, that's the way it is.

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