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My husband has bipolar. I knew what I was getting into when I married him, but I still love him. Sometimes he frustrates me. And with him I have to be honest and tell him flat out when i notice him acting strange, or any thing else. You might ask your friend what they need from you, but also make sure that you aren't going to stress yourself out over it. And remember to treat them like they are a normal human being. You are a good friend, because a lot of people wouldn't even try to handle being around someone with an illness like that. And if they talk about the medication not working, encourage them to talk to the doctor. And while you are doing all that, try not to let their mood changes affect you. I always have to struggle with not cycling with my husband's mood swings, and sometimes I find myself doing it anyway. If your friend starts to make you feel bad, don't let it get you down. My husband is like that when his medication is not working, and he can make me feel absolutely horrible, but I have to tell him that he is being mean, because he usually doesn't realize it. Your friend might not realize it either. Good luck, and remember to let your friend know that you do care for him, but try not to get into a position that makes you uncomfortable or hurt. There is no sense in that.

I hope that I have helped some.

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