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Hi, I'm pinkee and this is my story. I've been rx as major depressive and Gad. I've never experienced elations, usually have no problem sleeping, never go for days without it. About three months ago my household was chaos. One thing after another, stress, stress, stress. For a solid 3 months, there was always something major going on, usually having to do with my two teenage daughters. Was taking klonopin at night to help with sleep/anxiety. Started having anxiety during the day as well. Split the klonopin in half and took that. At this point I was taking 1mg. at night and .5 during the day. Depression starting setting in. Doc gave me xanax to try during the day insteady of the klonopin, well, it didn't work. Acutally had more rebound anxiety because it was short lived and ended so abruptly. I go to the emergency room not being able to control myself, crying, scared to death. Just wanted to feel some peace. They put me in a detox unit for addiction, take away my anxiety meds and give me Remeron 15mg and Seroquel 100mg. This didn't even phase my anxiety. And if I didn't have enough trouble with anxiety before I went in, I have it now. It was a horrific experience. I know that I never want to be in there again, scares me to death even the thought. I would cry because I was full of anxiety and all they would say is, "try lying down for a few minutes". I think that induced more anxiety. Took Remeron for 17 days. It caused too much sedation, chills, etc. Not to mention did nothing for anxiety. This is my third night off of it, which really, remembering my first taper, three nights ago, started having trouble sleeping imediately, probably why I'm not sleeping now and I'm sure has added to the anxiety. ....Not taking seroquel either, dry mouth, dry eyes.... Anyway the anxiety just won't stop. Scared to death of everyday living. No particular reason for fear, but I have it, severely. Have never been like this before. Oh, and I had taken prozac and zoloft years ago, worked well for a few months. Tried the prozac again just recently, made my anxiety worst, same thing with the zoloft. Why can't I take it this time? Can anyone relate. Called my gp doc in the middle of the night, two nights ago, he phoned a phychiatrist, an associate of my phychiatrist, couldn't reach mine, and together they decided to put me back on klonopin. Now I'm scared to take it sense they brain washed me that I needed to just quit taking anxiety meds that I was on, and try to start a new. But, I gave in and took it, yesterday was about 50 percent better. I'm keeping in mind that the Remeron withdraw has me amped up too. I know this message may sound jumbled up, but, it's the way I'm feeling and I just have to post and reach out, not to mention it's midnight. I know something needs to be done, but, what? Going in hospital again is not a possiblity. Will start seeing a phychologist Tuesday and the hospital experience will probably be the first thing I would talk about. (by the way, was there for six days) Thx for reading. Replies are welcomed and appreciated. Thx, pinkee

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