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New here
Mar 24, 2006

My name is Melissa, and Im new here :)
My gf is bi polar, my ex was also bi-polar... though my current gf is not nearly as off balance...
I have done alot of reading on bi polar disorder.. and am pretty well informed, however with both of my gf they were on serequil ( sp )
and wondering if anyone has any sucess with this drug.. my gf went back to the dr, and told him some things that were going on, antsy, edgy, very tired, and he just upped her dose.. and now shes having some of same symtoms.. she also feels as if there is someone else in her head.. shouldnt the meds be helping? she is also on celexia..

i have been reading about abilify, is that a better drug?

what vitamins help bi polar meds? i've read that calium, niacin, fish oil are good.. any other reccomadations?

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