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Um... I would disagree about the "far eastern" religious ideas. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc., can all help 'quiet the mind' and allow a bipolar patient a degree of healing that isnt possible with just medication.

I have used all three of the above mentioned activities and have found that they are all extremely beneficial, though like anything else, it takes practice.

I do think that some who have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders either have a thinner curtain separating them from the spiritual world, or the curtains have been taken down and the windows opened for the breeze.
Hi BPNotallofMe,
I'm a little freaked out by all the christian interpretations of your spirituality question. I am a bipolar writer and I'm currently doing research on spirituality and schizophrenia and I have found that although some religious dogma concerning the spiritual aspect of mental illness is extreme (i.e. Xena1's "rebuke the devil" reply) some other spiritual beliefs hold many different interpretations of such things. Carl Jung developed his idea of the 'collective unconscious' by working with schizophrenics and actually CURING them without medication. And this is the early 1900's when schizophrenics were stuck in tortutous institutions and considered helpless or possessed.
Jung considered schizophrenia a 'spiritual awakening' and said that the ego, which can't dissassociate itself from the collective unconscious, uses mythic figures and stories from deep in the ancient unconscious to heal it's trauma. By working through this awakening with his patients, he was able to help the schizophrenics integrate the self back into the ego and therefore regain a 'normal' relationship with common reality.
Jung himself had a prophetic dream of blood covering most of Europe just before the start of WWII. His belief in the paranormal and the collective unconscious was one of the principal factors in his break with Freud.
You are not crazy. I repeat, you are not crazy. You have something different going on in your brain and we do not understand it. Rebuking it will only cause inner turmoil. Bipolar is part of you and you can't escape it. Appreciate the benefits and use them to control the negative.
I find meditation very helpful. I meditate every day, usually in the bath or before bed. It opens me up to the calm within myself. Don't worry if it's hard at first. It took me a long time before I was able to sit still long enough and not think! But after a time it became easier and I value that 30 minutes a day of complete calm.
If you feel drawn to spirituality in regards to mental illness you are not alone. Keep looking. You'll find what you need.

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