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Follow what my heart says??? Guys I need your help.

We finally met with the team of psychologists, therapists and the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked about Erin's past meds and also a little about her past history in addition to all that we already discussed. She immediately went into how she felt meds geared towards impulsivity would best benefit Erin and suggested either Seroquel, Risperdal or Geoden. I asked her what diagnosis she was treating and she went on to say at the moment what presents through the psychological testing is major depression but she intends to rule out Bipolar with further evaluation throughout the treatment. She recommended that Erin remain as an inpatient so that she could be stablized and observed regarding the meds and also be placed on the MIT program which will have a nurse practioner, therapist and family counselor that will follow up with Erin & our family for at least 6 months following her discharge from the hospital. The psychiatrist felt that the Risperdal would be the best med of choice to treat Erin. She was going to continue her on the Zoloft which was decreased to 25mg, however I discussed my concerns about the increase in suicidal tendencies associated with it and how it really didn't seem to help Erin at all so she agreed to get her off of it and just begin the Risperdal. We had discussed weight gain and she thought of the three meds Erin should start with the Risperdal.

Okay.....tell me about this seems from the research it is a new generation antipsychotic that helps with depression and also works as a mood stabilizer. My search on the med is somewhat ranges from mothers begging others not to place their child on this med since it causes stroke and heart attacks. Several mothers stated that they lost their child to the use of this med and it has been banned in other coutries such as Japan, Europe and Canada (I believe). It scared me and I know that there is alot of false info out there but it still scares me. There is also a much higher risk of developing Diabetes with the use of this med.

They want to start with .5mg and after my search I asked them to hold off until further questions I have are answered. I figure holding off 3 more days will not hurt us rather than starting her on a med I am not too comfortable with. So I really need you guys to let me know how Risperdal is as a drug. Did any of you gain weight on this.....when I look it up it says you can have severe weight gain of up to 50 pounds.

The therapist and psychologist went through Erin's cognitive and psychological testing. They told us that she tested above average in IQ and that psychologically she definitely had moderate to major depression going on. She also demonstrated low self esteem and definite suicidal thoughts.

Their recommendation was for us to continue to have her treated as an inpatient until stabilized with the proper med receiving therapy twice a week also working on some behavioral issues such as rule compliance. When we asked about how long they projected her stay to be they said approximately 67 days. I was a little surprised by that but they told us that Erin needed to continue treatment with the meds and therapy and for us to receive the support that we needed to get her back home. They would make any necessary arrangement to have Erin followed for up to 6 months after discharge.

So that's the latest.....I am still somewhat disappointed but at the same time relieved that another med is being tried. I am guessing that if Erin responds to the Risperdal that they may lean more towards Bipolar....what do you think???

Erin of course was disappointed about not coming home. She told us today that she didn't think that she would ever get better and didn't have a future. I grabbed her face in my hands and told her that was not true....that we were going to make sure that she had a happy and suceessful future and that is why she had to stay on at the hospital and as soon as we found the right med and treatment she would be back home with us.

One thing that I noticed today while visiting Erin was how very talkative she was...she talked on and on often jumping from one thought to almost made me dizzy.....I didn't know if it was some "manic" behavior or just that she has been couped up too long but it was definitely exhausting to keep up with her. And the doctor asked us just moments before if we had noticed any of that......I guess she has always been one to get excited when talking about her day but it's been a long time since she has really talked with us.....there has been way too much agitation and anger to even have a normal conversation. I guess I will mention this to the doctor when I discuss the meds with her again.

So I need your help and input regarding the meds. I know it is a weekend but any input I can get would be much appreciated.

Thanks ~ Goody:wave:

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