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It took my own diagnoses before I realized both my parents are ill. Then on top of trying to learn and understand my own problems, our oldest daughter took my husband and I on her bipolar roller coaster. It was really really hard and I'll admit I didnt do so well at times, her behavior would set me off and I would loose control. Now I can alsmost see the humor. She's 22 yrs old now and back at home for the 2nd time, and been stable for about 18 months (it's so nice it feels more like 10 years) She's fixing some pretty serious financial mistakes she's made, she's working and her next step is to save for a decent car. We still clash occassionally, but considering we're both bipolar I think we've come a long ways.

Sorry Im jumping around, I forgot to mention I also homeschool our daughters for a few years, it didnt help our oldest she still dropped out and my husband and I pushed her until she got a GED. Our younger daughter is mild bipolar 20 yrs old.

Part of the reason I headed back to this boards is because the lithium I take just hasnt been doing as well lately. Im very med sentive and in the past have tried everything available to boost the bipolar even trying it again recently. I remember now what I wanted to say. A couple weeks ago on our local news station Krem 2 out of Spokane mentioned this p-doctor that believes food alleries can be a major contibutor to Bipolar and schizophenzia. She even treated someone recently that was on 5 or 6 differnt psy-meds, (I was only half listening until I heard the word Bipolar) This gal was allergic to, milk products, all flour, corn, some beans, all the sugar free sugars, and a few other things I didnt catch. The end result was this by eliminating all these foods from her diet she was able to go off all meds and remain stable. I've writen the station several times asking for this doctors name because I've learned recently Im milk and flour intolerant. When I took these foods out of my diet several of my health problems improved, like the fibromyalgia, constant pain in my gallbatter that the doctors could find nothing wrong with, terrible horrid acid reflux, unbelievable bloating, constipatoin, itching so bad I had sores all over, mirgranes. Those were just the big problems that improved. I think I may be allgergic to some a few other things but Im still trying to adjust my diet. If you're like me and running out of options even a little light is worth pursueing. Dont give up, I think you doing the right thing and your on the right track. Give the allergy issue some thought, what can it hurt. Now that I think of it I've heard other stories where children had allergies to certain foods and when it was removed their behavior changed as well. Hope this at least is come enocuragement. I wish I would have know about this board when I was first DX and when our daughter was going thru her difficult times. Dont give up I dont know you or your son but I have a very strong feeling things are going to turn out just fine. K
Sorry if there's any errors, Im tired and dont feel like checking : )

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