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Kiehn, I just wanted to add my prospective as I am not bipolar (yet!)
I have known my wife for 11 years and had no idea she was bipolar until a few months ago when she blew up. Looking back now it all fits money depression rapid speach racing thoughts trouble getting along with friends and family suicide talk ect. these are all things I saw during our relationship and it did concern me at times, but she "was" verry sweet and caring and smart and a great mother. She "was" very giving when she did spend money it was for other people. right now everthing is about her and what's good for her. point is I never have and never would treat her or anyone different because of an illness. Although there is a part of me that feels she owes me something, I too get selfish, because I feel she took everything away from me and doesn't seem to care. maybe some day she will.
I feel nothing but compassion for her even when my friends tell me I'm stupid for putting up with this and that it will put me in the hospital, and that i should walk away.
I truely believe from the depth of my heart that was is happening right now is not what my wife wants. at the same time she is lashing out at me telling me its over and telling me she doesn't have feelings for me she is also crying. and she she says she doesn't have feeling for me, but the tone in her voice ends the statement like a question. alomost like she is asking me why doesn't she feel for me anymore.

point is, after reading all your posts and knowing how my wife was, how could someone disrepect. maybe ignorance. I did not want to go down that road i wanted to learn as much as I could to understand. I don't see you or anyone else as different we all have problems to a degree. I try to see that the good out weighs the bad. everybody has so much to offer, if non bipolar people are going to disrepect you then you don't need them in your life because they are closed minded and selfish and will never be a benefit to you. they are hiding from their own insecuritys. life is all about helping each other be better people

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