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Stopping Depakote
Jun 22, 2006
My pdoc got my blood test results back today and told me to stop taking the depakote immediately. The pancreas reading was way too high. I asked him about withdrawal effects from stopping abruptly but he was vague, he said I may or may not experience them. I checked the Depakote website but it all it says is stopping it abruptly could cause seizures in people taking it for seizures. I would love to know what to expect. Has anyone else stopped this medication abruptly? Did it cause any side effects?
My son was on 500mg depakote er for over 2 yrs(he is 12). I had to wean him off this summer due to not having a dr. anymore. The most noticable side effect was irritability and a bit of nausea. We were surprised to find out that the depakote may have actually been the cause of some of his aggression. Good Luck! I found a lot of information on withdrawal just by doing a search.

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