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Thank you- Girlz- hope you don't mind if I call you that- I don't know how long you were on lithium; it sounds like you had a relatively toxic reaction to it.Did you take it for a short period of time and get those symptoms? When did your feelings in your legs begin? How long after beginning lithium therapy?I'm sorry- here I am banging you over the head with all these questions. I hope you are alright. I know from knowing and learning more about bipolar disorder from the two years I spent talking on the phone with my friend that the illness is one difficult little dragon to tangle with. I have seen my friend when he was in what he calls "the borderland"- very tense- explosive and delusional although able to look back and see where he was wrong. He has been through so much. I believe inside he is a very sad person- very ashamed perhaps that once he was so successful and now "looks" like a nobody; living in government housing, he's as thin as a ribbon. I know this because I was able to visit him last year for a few days- after he developed this neuropathy in his legs, he went to a neurologist who decided on a rather stupid gust of a whim to try Trileptal (an anti-convusant) to treat the neuropathy while at the same time making a mutaul "agreement" of sorts that my friend would decrease his lithium and just try thr Triletal for his bipolar disorder- because, after all- anti-convulsants work in the treatment of bipolar illness!!- yes, some do, to varying degrees but not that one- I couls hear it in his voice- slowly creeping in- arguiung, I couldn't get a word in and if I could, I couldn't finish a sentece. He is such a wonderful person- doctors treat him like he is invisible and yet if they heard him play the piano they would be so shocked that this seeming wreck of a man is so refined and elegant as to make one feel as if it is the ethereal nature of angels coming through his fingers onto those keys. I, on the other hand , have my own particular talents, my own particular set of circumstances which began with two auto accidents in 1982, when i was 16. It has been a long,hard 24 years and just when I thought things were getting better than ever, I was struck down again by some inner ear problem which has left me with horrible neck spasms and severe pain. My life used to be very different, now I have not one friend but God alone, perhaps that is okay for now- I don't particularly want anyone to see me like tis anyway. Thanks. Take care. Dish

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