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Hi David, God loves you and we will carry our cross well. What does that mean, exactly?

I believe that i am not a human being in a spiritual world but a spiritual being in a human world. If not for my spiritual life i would be dead and long gone many times over by now.

As for a connection between bipolar and spirituality, isn't that in the eye of the beholder? I am really not sure of one myself.

I recall being very vulnerable at a time when spirituality was introduced back into my life thru AA but then i was told take it if you will. I was not told take it or you are doomed. Heck i felt i was already doomed and what i wanted and needed was not just more of the same.

I grew up Catholic and lots of good stuff from that experience was translated into my heart. I returned to having a spiritual life because i was dead inside and wrecked totally thru booze and drug addiction and being bipolar. my spiritual life has been a progression since then.

I spent about a year and a half in a Christian drug and alcohol rehab where we studied the bible 6 days a week. We also toured throughout Ontario as a Choir and gave personal testimonies. I was exposed to a whole lot of different doctrines then. I tried really hard to find my place within the Evangelical community for a good long while but did not in the end.

Today i am big on prayer and meditation. I don't go to church but if i had wheels i would drive all over God's creation lookin for the church for me. I tend to not be drawn into the really traditional doctrine. I don't dismiss it at all, just it is not for me i feel at this time.

I don't like to discuss religion because i don't like to offend anyone. My spiritual life is mostly played out in how i treat others. I treat others very well and try to be as selfless as is entirely possible. Save for self-care i am always reaching out to one person or another.

I do a lot of research online, looking for different avenues to explore for both self-enlightenment and self-improvement. Bottom line is i don't feel i can define what my faith or belief is in definitive terms. I believe in God and have a very good and personal relationship with my creator. I believe a lot of what many Christians do and have two very good Christian friends. I also don't feel comfortable with some of what Christians interpret as being absolute. I don't say they are wrong. I am not arrogant, i just don't know. I am more all-inclusive and take loving my fellow man very seriously and very literally. I think i have been given the will to interpret myself. I also feel i have a long, long way to go to get to where that truest interpretation lies.

Interesting thread. Denise
That is such a good question I had not given much thought to it I don't think or if I did I don't remember. I think being Bipolar at least for me you feel so much deeper and pull more from experiences then the "normal" society does. You see the connections between things even those so vastly different it seems silly really that they are connected at all.

I started out as Catholic but it didn't fit me and vice versa. I kept asking why long after the Priest had gotten too way irritated. I am one of those who want to know things and there are no answers for them. I asked once where does God go on vacation? I was young and though it is silly I really wanted to know. I mean what would does he do for down time? I asked if God knew everything why did he allow the snake into the Garden at all? I mean why not just avoid the whole ugly mess? So it got me into some not so fun moments.

As i aged I was interested in history and learned more then I felt comfy with and so left the church. I felt that a church wasn't for me if they were going to say love everybody but only if kind of deal. So now I am Wiccan and have found a way that suits me fine. It is not for everyone and that is fine and dandy with me. It gives me more to discuss and try in learn myself about things other things.

Ok now I am off track and actually lost myself in what i meant to say versus what i did say. SOrry about that. Thanks for the thread. Sorry so long and boring type deal. lol I can be a bit windy when i wannna.


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