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Hello everyone..

Please forgive me if my question seems rather stupid, but I am curious about the symptoms of Bi-Polar disorder. I guess I am asking because I have been reading these posts and I am troubled by the number of people, especially children who have Bi-Polar disorder. My only experience with Bi-Polar disorder is my Mother. Back then (30years ago) it was called 'manic-depressive', and her highs and lows were extreme, and I do mean extreme. Her manic phase would usually only last about a week, but in that time, a lot of damage was done. She would go out and purchase new furniture, none of it matched and face it against the wall (so you couldnt sit in it), she would put the coffee table in the dining room and then that table replaced the coffee table. She would purchase expensive new cars. My step father would return everything and my sister and I knew it was time for mom to go back to the hospital. She would be 'committed' each time and fall into a deep depression which would last for weeks at time. She was so depressed she couldnt function. She received shock treatments, which didnt really help. Finally, she was diagnosed and put on Lithium, which when taken properly, she got better. So, I guess I am asking if people still have that severe of highs and lows and are there different degrees of this illness? Thank you so much for your time.. :)


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