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I've not been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but my doctor and other mental health workers have said they suspect it is this.

I just wanted to say that my education and work history is so erratic that it looks terrible on my CV. At college I dropped a lot of my A'levels because I was having trouble coping so I left with only one instead of 3.

I then went into the construction industry after getting really excited about it but left after 6 months. I went to uni to study nursing but left after 6 months. I then went on to do 7 years of university and changed my degree course 4 times (each time being convinced i wanted to be a social care worker). I was fired from my job this week (construction based again) because I've had too much time off thanks to a huge spell of depression.

My limit seems to be six months before I get depressed/bored/paraniod that people hate me etc...

I've had loads of jobs whilst at university and my CV won't fit on two pages of A4. My parents feel that this shows me in a bad light and that I will never get a job again or stick to it. I have no idea what I'm going to do as I lose interest in careers after the initial excitement and buzz.

I would love a study into this.
Hi gav
you've started yet another thread that i can totally relate to!
The longest ive ever held a job was just over a year, every other job has ended before this time. Infact, so of most things in my life, such as school, college courses, clubs, hobbies etc. Like you, i find excuses to leave, mainly such as not getting on with bosses/coworkers. The only way i can describe it as feeling "trapped" and needing to get away, almost a little scared and fearful at times. I generally feel very worn down and that i need to be free. Not sure if anyone else can relate.
None of the jobs ive had have been particularly ambitious or promising, mostly dead end jobs, but i would love to have a career. Maybe with the right traetment one day i can:angel:

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