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Olanzapine known as Zyprexa

Can someone please help me... My partner (Bipolar2) suffered a manic episode 8 months ago... he was put on 20mgs of Olanzapine to start with then gradually reduced to 5mgs in March. Up untill 2 weeks ago it was the only med he was on... Dr introduced 200mgs of Carbamazepine to his daily intake as he was very low, withdrawn.

My Partner is due to come off Olanzapine at the end of may... since being on this drug he has become a shadow of his former self... he complains of feeling numb, no love, hate or any other type of emotion. Its a strain on our relationship, I think if a train ran over me right now.. it wouldnt really have any affect on him... Im looking forward to him coming off this drug, but i've heard it can be a terrible experience trying to come off these meds.So im worried aswell...

I'd really like to hear from people who have been on this drug or have lived with someone on these meds... can anybody comment on how they felt while coming off Olanzapine??? I'm so confused [img][/img]( I need all the advice/information I can get hold of... So please if you can... help me [img][/img](.. by replying.

Thanking you for taking your time to read my posting
Xena x

I was taking 10mg of Zyprexa a day for a while, but it just made me so tired I couldn't function, I had to drop out of school cause I couldn't keep up or think, I was an design student with no creativity. Coming off of it was fine for me, I had no reactions. I take Zyprexa now on an as needed basis, like when I am feeling particularly depressed, it knocks me out and I get a good nights sleep, the only thing is I am asleep until noon whether I am really up or still in bed. Good luck with that and I hope things will be easy for your man.

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