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Thank you so much for talking to me, I know how busy you must be. It must be very exciting, you will see two new beginnings. I will keep praying for you.

You are correct, I am probably more sensitive at times, usually, I let things go, and this time they got to me.
Yes, I understand the doctor was right too, but I hope he sees that it's outside circumstances that aggravated my situation. It may have tripped something, almos tlike tripping wire. I think I am a little off right now, but not as bad as I used to get. I also should take in account that I'm also having PMS. I did not tell the doctor that, it usually does not get this bad, I just get a little cranky because I get cramps.

Right now, I keep feeling the urge to cry, but the whole feeling bad is supposed to be gone. I don't hold onto bad things too long, and comments really don't get to me. (usually) I feel a little confused about everything now. This is why I said I am trusting the doctor, because my judgement is sort of not quite there at the moment. Besides he made sense, I know you have brought this up to me before.

The other doctors would not prescribe mood stabilizers, they said I can wait until I get home. This doctor said mostly something towards, "why did they not prescribe it? Why are you only on Wellbutrin? You need mood stabilizers, we do have them here, and I will prescribe this" I agreed, and in a way I think I am releived. I am afraid to be lethargic and numb again, but he said it is supposed to help with anxiety (which I have). I figured it can't hurt anything to try, and if it doesn't help, we can switch later.

I hope I don't gain a lot of weight. I am afraid I've gained a few pounds on Wellbutrin, but I hope that when I get better I will be wanting to excersise, and later on I may actually have the time. Right now I am on 12 hour shifts and it's a little exhausting, for me and for everyone here, we are all tired. We are just looking forward to going home.

I have a question off this subject. I lately started missing home, I had not missed it until lately, and I get sad. I was fine with being here, I did not even give it any thought. Do you think it's because I am really going down, or maybe because as the medication started working I'm not numb anymore, and I started noticing things?:confused:
Just wondering. I know we have no home to go to, but I miss our old home, and in my heart I wish I could be there with my husband, just as things used to be. In our cozy little home, as the sun is coming down and you can see it through our bedroom window. The calm wind and the evening coming in. Our dog layng near us and our kitties which I don't have anymore.
I miss all that we had, and the only thing we'll probably get back (I hope) is our doggie. I hope he is still all right.:confused:

Well, sorry to take so long, bye for now. Thank you so much for your input and your support, you don;t know how much it means to me. Keep us updated on your girls.

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