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Hi Lorlee

I appreciate your reply. My wife has Bipolar II disorder. I love my wife very much and want to help her as much as I can. We have been married almost 14 years. During that time I have seen her suffer so much and most of the time I feel very helpless when it comes to helping her when she goes into the severe suicidal depression. She had a hysterectomy about 1 1/2 years ago and the shock to her system of the operation, anesthesia,pain medicines sent her into a tailspin of severe/suicidal depression . Between that and the host of medications the psychiatrist put her on she subsequently wound up having to go on social security.(she is 48) The last 1 1/2 years has been torture. About a month ago she came off most of the meds stil taking her eskalith (900 mg) and starting on prozac and she seems to be doing a lot better now. (She was diagnosed in 1994 as being Bipolar II after she was raped and tried to hide for two years which caused her to go to hopital 9 times and emergency room 11 times during those 2 years) Eventually it all came out She elected (not my chice) to have 1/2 treatment of ECT which helped to bring her back for several years. During that time however she continued taking her eskalith and some prozac and until the surgery she seemd to very well with the exception of some ups and downs. Now that she seems to be doing better again I want to try my best to keep her that way. I guess one of the main questions I am asking is do you have any info or pointers that might prove helpful? She does not ever seem to have what the doctors term hypomania ( i have never seen it ) She seems to go from normal down to a very severe isolated suicidal type depression. But the doctors always want to give her meds to prevent her from becoming hypomanic. Do you have a suggestion? The meds she is on now are; Eskalith 900 mg at night (I get her to take it twice daily at 450 because I think she does better that way) Seroquel 100 mg at night and 2 mg of ativan at night.If you have any input whatsoever let me know. (Note: the torture I mentioned earlier was hers not mine , as I have always assured her that her problem eas only at time a minor inconvenience to me.) Thanks Lari


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