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I am dating someone with severe BPD...He is in his late 50s. He manages to hold himself together in public, but is really depressed at other times. He is usually hypermanic and being with him feels like a trip into insanity. Our relationship has been a wilder ride than my 15-year marriage was...when I am around him for more than a day I usually end up totally exhausted and even get sick sometimes just from being so tired!

He is not medicated for BPD, he just takes an antidepressant. Would like any ideas from anyone else who has been in this position.

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I am bipolar aswell. (diagnosed 5 yrs.ago)
used to slash arms and soforth
I am now dating someone that I notice way too much of my self in him. I am suspecting that he suffers from bipolar or another related mood-disorder.
His father has been diagnosed Schitzo-Affective.
he has begun cutting himself aswell.
I don't know what to do?
Will our personality's,moods ect...interfere?
I want to help him desperately (But of course I'm no Doc.) In addition how can I expect to be able to aid someone with a simular condition... if at times I can't deal with myself?
Is there anyone in my boat..or understandes atleast?

Everyone staring at you too huh? WELL...SMILE!

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