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Gosh, Frozen. I understand and sympathize with your frustration. How long did you say you've been on your meds? It sounds as though you and the doctor haven't quite found the right dosage, or you haven't been on them long enough to really feel their full effects and benefits yet (it has taken a month for me, and I'm still not totally stabilized, as you can see on my new thread "Lithium and Lamictal").

I wish I had some answers for you, Frozen, you certainly need and deserve them. What meds are you on again? Also, are you in therapy, as well? I really think people like us need it more most, because we have the added nightmare of not having any family support, that in addition to their lifelong ridicule. It also helps to come to grips with your life and how we've lived it on this disorder unmedicated, and the many consequences that have come along with it. If I remember correctly, I want to say I think you said you are in therapy. Is your therapist not there for you to call when you are feeling this way? Do they talk to your pdoc so they can share information about what's going on with your condition?

I really feel for your situation, and I wish I had more to say to help you. All I can really say is to hang in there, try to think positive (this WILL end, you WILL beat this), and know that most of us on here have faced a lot of what you are going through, and that you are not alone in this world. We care about you. Don't give up and don't give in. Things are going to get better!!!!! :angel:

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