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Thanks so much for understanding and validating my dream. I do believe you truely understand and someday we will both have a true friend. As for your dream of moving out of town. You are so wise, so wise. We did the same
for our daughters they werent so fond of it growing up because they were isolated from town, but have thanked us many times now that they are adults. We still had difficulties with our oldest who is bp but I honestly
believe had we lived in town she may not be alive today. You have a beautiful dream and a heart of wisdom. I havent spoken to my sister in years but she did the same thing to me. Now that I can look back I believe
it was jealousy, she always wanted to be number one, the best, to be put
on a pedistal. No matter what my situation she never offer support. If she couldnt be better then me, she made up stories, or put me down. I miss having a sister but I dont miss her. Now that I can see her game and if we were on speaking terms I wouldnt allow her to treat me that way by simply excusing myself from the conversation. You may be bipolar but it does come with advantanges, I feel we are more creative, imaginative, I like to think that spills on to all other area's of our life, good and bad. We have to remember in our search for solutions for the discomforts of bp to make use of and not forget about the advantages of bp. You dont need anyones permission to feel happy and make your dreams come true. Thanks for sharing your dream, dont give up on it!!! Sue

P.S. Until your dream comes true, have you considered setting a limit on the number of friends at one time any excuse will do. Just a thought

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