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Hi, Kiehn:wave: I think that it all depends upon the person we are talking about. I think that for the most part women seem to more inclined to go through almost anything to find the help that they need to understand these things.....they are the nurturers and seem to be much more emotionally equipped, almost naturally to be able to cope with what is going on. I think that men have different coping mechanisms than we do.

I know that my husband cares about Erin just as much as I do and he hasn't read one thing about Bipolar, how it is treated or how it will affect Erins life. I have made a point of doing all that work and informing him....he has supported Erin in different ways whether it be helping her through a rough moment by taking her out on his boat fishing, taking her out for a drive or recruiting her to do a project with him to keep her mind off of things. For the most part men seem as if they are ostriches burying their heads in the sand so as not to seem weak....they are affected by all these things as much as we women are but sure have a funny way of showing it.

Of course it would be nice if they were able to show it in the way we could better understand it....but they do care and love us but often have their own language of love. We just have to learn to read it and interpret it.

You are a wonderful, naturally giving person, Kiehn, who like you say has an instinctive way to love. Perhaps looking at the ways that the other person is able to show they care even if it isn't exactly the way that you would will allow you to see things a little bit differently.

If you need to vent we are here for you....I would be interested in what it is that is most concerning you and hope you feel free enough to share it here.

((((HUGS)))) ~ Goody:angel:

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