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Hi, Paige:wave: I apologize,...I have had so much going on in my camp and just wanted to check in with you. So how many more days do you have left??? Did you finish those two projects??

I am proud of you about the are such a sensitive young woman and I know that you have been struggling with the father image and lack of role in your life. It is somewhat normal to feel the way that you do because they say that a father is so very important in a girl's overall perception of herself and self esteem. I sense that you are having a difficult time in terms of how you perceive your relationship with Mark....and I think that it really has an impact on how you feel about how things are going in your life and perhaps that you are feeling that void. Perhaps talking this through with your therapist in finding a way to fill that void in your life may be a good idea. And remmber that Ray has been there for you just like you said and that definitely counts for something....right????

Erin seems to have a problem with boys....seems as if she loses her identity and makes them her moon and her stars and entire universe. Everything else doesn't matter and she is totally consumed with the relationship. I am trying to work on this with her since she spends so much time either talking on the phone with this new boyfriend or wanting to spend every waking moment with him!!:dizzy: I have to say that Erin is much more receptive to some of what I have to share more than she has been in the past......however, I noticed that she makes negative comments about herself in front of him like "I'm so fat" and "my hair looks awful today" or "I wish I was pretty like her". She also shared with me how a girl in school always seems to go after other girl's boyfriends and that she hugged the guy she likes and that made her mad. And if she does it again she is going to tell her off or punch her. I explained to Erin that while it might be flattering at first for a guy to see that you are upset when another girl flirts with him that if you continue to harbor feelings of jealousy that it will leave a negative impression on him after a while. I also told her that her putting herself down or looking for him to always disagree with her poor perception of herself is not a good thing either....that boys like a girl that is confident and has a good self esteem. She shared with me how she already told the boy that she has a bad self esteem and is working on it.

Anyway....alot of what you share here seems to be what I see Erin struggling with. But it is getting better and it will for you too.

So hang in there....the school year is almost over and you will have more time to relax and less stress which should make things better.

I am sending positive thoughts and (((HUGS))) your way.

Love ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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