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Dear SmileOften (what a wonderful name!)

I'm not sure if this will help or not, but here goes...

My son was also very bright and at the top of his class. He was intense and hated change, but was also joyful and everyone loved him. When he was very young (maybe 2 or 3) someone recommended the book "How To Raise a Spirited Child". I knew I needed help raising this willful child, but I refused to see him as difficult because there was so much that was wonderful about him. I love the concept of "spirited".

My son is now 16 and was diagnosed as bipolar last year. I imagine some of the intensity I saw in him as a little boy were the foundation of his diagnosis now, but there was nothing extreme enough when he was young to warrant a diagnosis. I assumed his intensity was due to his high intellect and, as I said, he was kind and compassionate most of the time.

I don't remember how the book deals with 8 year olds, but it did give me a wonderful perspective on what I could expect and what I had to let go for the good of all of us. It changed my life because I was able to evolve from constant battles over little things to picking the ones that were most important and enjoying the spirit and the intelligence and the humor of my gifted, though challenging, little boy.

Good luck and keep posting!



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