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Thanks, everybody. First things first, Tsohl EI is our abbreviation here for Emotional Immaturity.;)

Paige, you are where I only hope Erin will be at your seems as if she will never get there but she started with the real problems at 14 and diagnosed at 15 and is only 6 months into it so we do have a ways to go!!:D

We met with her counselor and the counselor agreed that Erin was rushing things and not really open to hearing her recommendations....that she had also advised her to take her time but that Erin was insistent the last time they met to double up and graduate early. We shared with her Erins recent struggles socially and that we felt that was what compelled her to make such a hasty decision and also the impulsivity that seems to be heightening once again in Erin's life. (The Seroquel was put in place to specifically address that problem, we started with Risperdal but with the side effects it was changed to Seroquel) So the more I look at things and Erin's recent change in behavior the more I think either 1) She is not taking her meds as she should OR 2) The Seroquel is losing it's effectiveness and we need another med in place. I do see impending mania approaching and intend to make sure the meds are taken at the same time each day and in front of me. That way, as my wise friends have suggested;), we will know which of the two it is by the time we meet with her pdoc.

Okay, back to Erin's schedule and our meeting.:) The counselor understood out concerns but also was concerned at how Erin would react to our insisting she not graduate early despite our reasons. She shared with us how Erin has been to her looking to be emancipated, which we were aware of. She came up with this idea at the beginning of the year when she was first home from the hospital and not quite stable but on her way. We shared with her how in the past few weeks we have been concerned about the return of these thoughts of wanting to get away and felt it was triggered by social issues happening at school. And that was more the reason that we couldn't support Erin's decision to graduate early, that there was still work to be done to address her emotional and mental stability. Erin joined us and we told her that we had met with her counselor and were informed that she had given her the same advice that we had but wasn't listening. And that all 3 of us cared about her and wanted to help her make the best decisions for her future. The counselor took over and weighed both options and told Erin that she could double up but it would be alot to carry and if she backed out it would look bad on her transcript and if she did worse than this year that wouldn't look good either. Erin said that she thought she could do it, that she wanted to graduate early....the counselor asked her what her plan was, what schools she was interested in. Erin said Florida, when asked why she said because it had good weather. The counselor asked what if the best schools for psychology weren't in Florida??? I brought up how her best girlfriend was moving with her family to Florida and perhaps that was a reason why??? Erin was quiet. The counselor advised Erin to take things slow, that everybody her age wants to grow up and be living away from their parents but that one day she would understand her parents concern and reasons they didn't support her wanting to graduate High School early. Erin asked to speak with here counselor alone.

The counselor called us back in and suggested to Erin that she aim to get into AP US History and AP English, that even though her teachers didn't sign off on it that she had this quarter and another to prove herself and thought that she could do it. I know there was some confusion there, Erin has 87 and above averages in her Honors English and Honors History. The requirement is 88 and above. The first quarters grades were 85 and she got 88-90 the second quarter in each. So she shows inconsistency. Her counselor promised to push for her if she showed consistent improvement and get her the AP classes. She said when she expalined to Erin that she could by the end of Senior year get 16 credits or more of college credit that appealed to Erin. And so Erin has Honors Chemistry, Regular Math, and is aiming to get into AP US History and AP English with electives in Psychology and First Aid. But it will all depend on Erin's performance in her classes these next two quarters. So I think that we were able to work through Erin getting through HIgh School without rushing it.

As far as the boy, I agree with everybody...we need to lay back for now. He does live in another area which makes it difficult for them to even see one another. Right now, until we figure out what is going on we are going to keep our eyes wide open and take one thing at a time.

When Erin came home she spent time in her room, when she came down she was not very talkative and when I spoke not receptive so I knew to just not push.....we are in the walking on eggshells mode which is not my favorite place to be, but I have learned that a little time and space can go a really long way.;)

Eyes ~ I loved the grandpa type advise;) and you are spot on. I agree, that the meds will now be taken at definitive times and in front of us. Erin tends to be off on the weekends because of social life since the Seroquel puts her out so we do allow her to take that later if she is out but the others are usually the same time. Lately we have been allowing her to take more responsibility so we will go back to monitoring it more closely so we will know more what to do with her next pdoc appointment.

Thanks again everybody for all the wonderful support & advice.:wave: :)

Love ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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