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When I'm agry and/or irritable I am usually more manic than depressed but it's really a mixed state I think. When I'm depressed I don't feel ANYTHING- not even sad. I just feel empty and dead inside. But, I have noticed that after the angry/irritable stage I'm headed for depression so keep an eye on it. Goody is right- it's all easier to spot once you recognize the cycle- most of us have a somewhat predictable cycle.
[QUOTE=bipolarbear;2837665]Dear Suddenlyhere:

In my experience, the anger and irritability, ugliness, hostililty, contentious, adversarial, hateful and prety much made to feel that you're not worth the air you breath is mania related. However, it does cross over and is really always there, it's just a matter of degree. There is a small window of time when temperments seem stable, conciliatory, etc., but it is shortlived and you know it's not going to last, especially when your spouse is unmedicated. Cycles worsen in severity and length.[/QUOTE]

Hi bipolarbear,

Thanks for letting me get into your thread suddenly...:wave:

bb - what if my husband is medicated properly? are the cycles of unstable temperments more manageable? He has just gone through a period of what looked like mania (anger/irritable/ugly/hateful/low self worth, etc...), now his meds have been changed and he seems much better, more the loving man I married. It's scary to hear that there's a 'shortlived' period of stable temperment, are you referring to an unmedicated spouse?


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