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Re: Bad parenting?
Mar 23, 2007
Hi To All,
I Am Mslainie And I Dont Have Bipolar But After My Complete Hysterectomy I Acted And Felt And Had A Hint Of Bipolar. My Son Is Bipolar 16, It Came Out Around 13. My Daughter Is 13 1/2 She Is Adhd And Lately The Jury Is Out She Is Bipolar But We Not Sure Yet. My Exhusband Has Bipolar And Self Meds With Pcp. He Denies He Has It And I Now Feel Bad For Him Now I Know And Research Bipolar. My Brother Is Adhd And My Mom Was Home With Him And We Had A Good Upbringing My Parents Still Together Strong 43years Now. My Ex's Parents Are Still Together 46years And My Ex's 2 Sisters Turned Out Fine. I Find It Very Hard To Be A Single Parent And I Would Love Any Help But Its Not There. I Have Been Raising These Kids Alone For 9years, They Are Spoiled And Want For Nothing. My Sons Sees It But My Daughter Has Bad Feelings And Says I Love Her Brother More. But He Is Asthmatic Since 5 And Many Many Hospital Runs. So She Was With My Parents Or Close Friend. Then After My Sons Bipolar Hit Us, It Was Like A Nightmare. I Was Working 2 Jobs And They For 8years Ran My House. I Had Babysitters And All. I Had An Operation Every Year Since 2001 For Gyn And Stuff. So They Had Alot Of Freedom And They Had Lots Of Fights. Last Year I Took A Layoff To Get My Son S Med Combo Right Along With Psy Hospital Stays Ect. Then I Had Hys Opr In May. Then I Had A Car Accd So I Dont Think I Parent Like I Was Raised But My Kids Are Different Then My Brother And I.
I Am Still Home My Son Is Stable Some Days But Now He Tells Me When He Depressed. He Just Put On Prozac With Depakote And Abilify. But In 10th Grade School Is All Over Me. He Goes Some Days. He Has A Teacher Come Out He Is Doing Great With That.
Now My Daughter Moods Are So Up And Down. She Actually Goes After Her Brother Then Crys Wolf. My Son Is Stable Enought To Walk Away But He Is 6ft 220lb. Now My Daughter Who May Be Bipolar Is On Topamax And It Seems To Work. She Dont Get The Bad Headaches And She Can Sit Still And Is Much More Even.
But Anyway There Is No Book For Parenting, So Who Knows. I Am Doing Best I Can As A Single Mom.
Sorry Long Needed To Vent Ty

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