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Abilify or geodon
Mar 29, 2007
I am on Seroquel currently, and I told the Dr. I need off it. It makes me feel like a zombie. I sleep all the time. He told me he would switch me to either Abilify or Geodon. Anyone have experience with these 2? I wanna hear good and bad of them.

I agree, I think the medicine depends on a lot of different things on whether or not it will work for you. My husband is BD 1, and is on Abilify. At first, it seemed like it helped a LOT, not they have upped his dosage and I am not sure it is helping at all!! He has been on soooo many though, Lithium, Seroquel, Depakote, Celexa, etc. Lithium helped him the best, but shut down his thyroid.
Best of luck!
Do you take anything else with it in the morning and also do you take any at night. My son has gained 55 pounds on Abilify and seroquel.

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