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[QUOTE=marshmallow;2953341]Your not depressing I understand how you feel especially your are in another country that is unfamilar to you and no family. You need the attention of your husband. As far as you prying you were not prying I would of written it when you were here but as soon as I did I and it was responded to I deleted it. I hope you get things straightened out on the 17th. I forgot how long you will be where you are now?[/QUOTE]

Marsh, well if I was in the time zone as you (what state are you from or what time zone?) as even those in CA are up by now he he! well maybe just....
anyways my brother is being the sponsor, we need one as I dont have a job and the gov't has to make sure we are not a public funds issue.. (going on welfare and what not)
so when he (my bro) mails me the support form, he has sent it so when it gets here, and when Dan's parents send his birth certificate we can apply so its not even en route yet, but can take 6 mos. maybe longer but I am praying for less! I want to be home maybe 6 mos after I got here!
oh well for me!

and if I was on your time zone (I am just writing this and forgot what I was saying! - then I could have seen it right then, or if he wasnt hogging computer. (bad hubby bad hubby bad hubby! Lol)
I hope the 17th works out for me too., I am on such low dose 500 mg depakot. .5 mg Klonapin and that is nothing as I was on respectively, 1500 and 2 mg, and needed more....! but I need to switch so the doc had me go down first and wants to 'get to know me' before she switches it. I think from stuff I hear about Tegetrol, Lamictal, and maybe maybe seroquel if I dont gain wieght I will say I heard good things from them of my friends (will not say online or they will think I am more of a nut than I do ha ha! :blob_fire :D

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