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Hi, Leoma:wave: I just wanted to give you a geat BIG welcome...I am sorry it took so long, I have seen so many of your wonderful posts and just wanted to hop on board with a friendly hello.:D

I LOVE your openess and the ability to reach into yourself....that is going to be your success into getting better.

I have a daughter with BP who is trying so hard to do the same. I see how she struggles to control her anger and frustrations while trying to find the right meds and work through it with her therapist realizing that the meds are just not enough. It will involve change on her part as well as yours of coming to the realization that your disorder allows you to perceive things so much differently than others and the reaction to that could end up hurting the ones you love and have you feeling remorseful and ashamed. This means that you must learn to find a way to extinguish the spark that will lead to a fire or explosion that will be harmful to yourself or others.

I have a feeling that my daughter's solution is to spend lots of time in her room and that is something I hope will change in time with adjustments in meds and changes that she learns to make with the help of therapy.

I have a feeling that this will be the case with you too. I commend you in wanting to get the help that you are getting. How long have you been on meds and which meds are you on??? I know that Seroquel works well with anger, frustration as well as impulsive behaviors like overspending and the such. My daughter still gets upset but nothing to the degree that she had before she was diagnosed and medicated. She also self harmed (cut) and shoplifted and says that the meds have taken away those constant urges she use to have.

Anyway....I just wanted to tell you to hang in will take time to find the right combo of meds but also remember that it will take more than just meds to change that which your brain compells you to do or say.

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing more of you around this board.

Love ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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