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Hi lillypad1 and all,
I went thru similar delemma with my 2 children. My daughter was diagnosed adha about 8years old. She was put on concerta to help her concentrate in school. But she had to see a psy doc and therapist for meds. Our family doc totally advised a psy doc. My brother 35yrs ago was diagnosed adhd too but the didnt take meds. He did see a therapist and had alot of support. He was in 4th grade. My daughter and my brother gave their teachers in school the illusion of not being mature but when both tested they were actually above average. Now my daughter is almost 14 and is graduating grade school. My brother now 41 is very successful. My daughter in 8th grade can read at an 11th grade level when she wants to apply herself. Now my son was fine in school untill the end of 8th grade and he after suidicide and homicide ideations along with no sleep for days and blind fury and severe depression is now diagnosed bipolar. By a psy doc but it took more than one because he can switch moods and cover up very good.....also my son is asthmatic so the psy and family doctors thought it was his asthma medicine giving the symtoms however he was asmatic since 5yrs and the bipolar didnt start until he was 13yrs old. My ex is also bipolar but not treated. We havnt been together in 9years. Anyway my daughter and her hormones made her give many similarities to my sons symptoms but adhd can outbursts in my daughter only lasted 30-40minutes. My sons bipolar outbursts lasted for hours some times. My son also was more violent and destrucive. I have did alot of reading and since adhd and bipolar have alot of similarities, it is hard to tell apart but both disorders are from genes in families and are both mood disorders. My daughter's psy and our family doctor both agree she is not bipolar but they were not sure at first. She is now on topamax and I can see a difference. My son it took alot longer with bipolar to find right med combo, now he on depakote, abilify(night) prozac,(day) and since his moods are much better his asthma is under control.
I hope your son decides to see a psy soon. I dont like giving my kids meds but I want them to be happy and well adjusted to be in the real world. My ex their Dad self medicates and he has missed so much of our kids lives. They are both special, I am sure like your son. Best of Luck.

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