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May 31, 2007
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hello everyone,

I am new here and have some questions. I have been married for 17 years. Not saying happily because it has not been. Cannot even say that I really love him anymore, just care for him because of everything we have been through. I have always thought that he was bipolar and at one point he went in for help, about 10 years ago, but only because he got in trouble with law and thought it would make him look better. They just said he had mood swings and put him on zoloft which did not help and he took himself off. His half sister is bipolar and he says he thinks his mom was.

He blaims everyone and I do mean everyone for everything that has happended in his life. I am the main target because I am the one with him. He never could keep girlfriends before me because of his jealousy and mood swings but somehow I was looking for something and stayed with it. From the beginning I had doubts that he was being faithful but never the proof. He does not trust anything that I do. Says that he knows I would be unfaithful to him. He says I am a liar because I have lied in the past about money issues because of his temper and mood swings. He always wants something to explain without it sounding like an explanation or as he says, excuse. This is pretty difficult to do. Then when you do not expain, it is because you do not care and that is even worse.

We have had terrible fights and we fight all the time. He says I ruined his life, and this is his life and I can get out anytime but he is the type that would not let me go without it being a big issue and lots of drama. I am actually afraid of what he would really do if I just left him.

I found out recently that he had been emailing ladies on the internet trying to meet them. Sad thing is this does not hurt me, it makes me feel like there may be hope because if he chooses to move on then he will just leave and I cannot be blaimed for this. But I am sure I will because I probably drove him to do it. :rolleyes:

My children have even commented that no one has asked him to stay and he could leave whenever he wanted to.

I have told him one day he will figure out that it was not all me and that he has a lot of issues. I know we all do, but I do not blaim others for mine.

I just do not understand, one minute he can be nice and then next, he is a different person. Yesterday, he asked me over the phone about an insurance payment and when I answered he said bye. He would not speak to me all day and when he came home last night he said I was moody when I answered him and he did not have time for my games. This is what I do through on a daily basis.

Does anyone else suffer with this? Is this bi-polar or just being an ***? I am just so sick and tired of it all.

Thanks for listening. [/FONT]

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