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:cool: i've been feeling pretty good for the past couple of weeks. a bit more energized, motivated to get things done, happier, felt better then i have in a long time. i don't feel that i am hypomanic although i don't know if i would know it or not. i have been more active( so much so that my body has been acking because i'm not used to it ) ,doing more house work then usual, yard work, playing with the grandkids, and going through stuff to prepare for a yard sale. the thing is i am not sleeping more then 6 hrs a night which is a bit strange for me, i am spending more then i should and also binge eating again. i'm driving my husband crazy by talking all the time. ( i believe that this is nothing new, but he says that i'm talking more than usual). does this sound like i'm hypomanic to anyone. i hope not because i had been feeling better until just tonight.

:confused: out of the blue i started to feel a bit depressed for no reason. i'm feeling lonely even though my husband is in bed just in the other room. i feel lost, like crying, afraid of the future and what's going to happen to me, won't i ever feel better? all my life i didn't care about my health until now. i know that my health is going down hill unless i lose weight and even knowing this i can't seem to get things under control. this is very depressing for me. there is nothing a pdoc can do to make you feel better except give you more meds. what good is that? knowing what bipolar is and what to expect doesn't always help when you are feeling blue.

harmony :dizzy:

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