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I am going to throw my two cents in here, as a sufferer of BP I. I don't often willingly tell people I am BP. If I do, it is because I trust someone enough to know they are not going to pre-judge me. If your soo-to-be room mate told you, then your obviously pretty close. That is good. I know for me, it is important to have someone who understands that if I loose my cool for no reason, or can't sleep for a couple of days straight, there is a reason.

I drink alchohol, though I know I am "Not supposed to". My pdoc never said I couldn't, but all of my meds have a warning on the bottle. It does not seem to effect the way my meds work, but I can tell you this, I get sleepy fast, and I am a "6-pack and I am out" kind of guy. I am still stable and function very well I think, and I guess the government does too, cause I am still serving on active duty in the military.

My wife is a god send, she keeps me going and makes sure I take my meds, but I will tell you the truth, when she gets on my case for drinking, or missing a dose of pills, it agrivates the crap out of me. I don't know how your room mate will feel, but aproach those subjects carefully if you don't want to see "The Face". There is a thread about that on here somewhere....heheh ;)

All kidding aside, (and this is just me) being "Mothered" makes me angry. I am a grown man, able to make my own decissions. My sujestion is to tread lightly, until your invited into the decission making process.


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