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[QUOTE=x-Bliss-x;3080968]Hi everyone,
Iím back from the hospital and glad to be home. Had a hectic couple of weeks but I feel a little more stable than I was which is good. Didnít have a great time with the patients in there and it felt a bit like being at school again but at least I tried it.

Iíve been told that I had double depression whilst in hospital which basically meant that I had become clinically depressed which was cause by the Bipolar depression. In simple terms I was depressed because I was depressed if that makes sense. Iím still being treated as an outpatient by my consultant psychiatrist and heís still tweaking my meds but at least now I feel like Iím taking small steps forward to recovery.

Iíve decided that I basically need a big lifestyle change if Iím going to have the best chance in staying stable. I got a lot off support and information from all the group therapies I attended so Iím hoping to put some of their ideas into action. For now though Iím just catching up on the past two weeks and sorting my head out.

Hope your all doing well, :bouncing:


Hey Bliss,
Well done! Well done for taking the step to going IP when you needed to, well done for sticking with it (I know how hard that loss of freedom is!), well done for stating that you are making stpes into your recovery, and well done for making some BIG life decisions about your lifestyle! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really am happy for you. Although you describe your IP stay as having had some tribulations - the important thing is that is has done what it is supposed to. It has given you the 'time out of life' and professional support that you needed to assess and re-assess your life. It is unavoidable that IP stays will have some tribulations - although the private ones are nice, they are still mental hospitals and we go into them for a reason - becuase we are ill. So, tribulations happen to all IP patients - it is not a reflection of you personally.

One tip I would offer you Bliss, is to remind yourself everyday or what you learned. Try not to let it slip out of your mind by rushing on with your 'new' life. I tried to just get on with my new life the first time I left IP care, one year later I was back again. I had forgotten everything I had learnt. I tried to run before I could walk. So, take 10mins a day to sit down in a quiet room and just think. Think about instances that happened when you were there (good instances and bad - anything that had a good outcome in the end!), things your therapists proposed to you, you thoughts on the day you were leaving, your thoughts of how you can move forward. Just take time, YOUR time to remember. Hold the memories tight becuase they are invaluable lessons.

Also, be prepared for your first low. It will inevitably come as you try to maintain your stability in the 'outside' world. But, when it does relaise that it is inevitable. You are now in an environment with less support - it is not a reflection of a decreasing mental state. Be prepared for it so you can smile in the face of it when it comes. Accept it for what it is when it comes - a moment, a period of time. That is all it will be. Remind yourself at that time of what you learnt when IP - take those 10mins in a quiet room and talk to yourself to prompt those 'learning memories'. The low will pass as you remind yourself of the positive outcomes of your stay. The low, and your success at getting through it, will mean that you are stronger, even stronger than you are now. Everytime it will happen, you will be stronger against it. Eventually the lows won't come. You will have succeeded! That rainbow in the sky will be bright as can be, the pot of gold at the end of it gleaming with a warm glow. Step, by step - keep learning, and most imporatnly never let go of those 'memories' by giving yourself those 10 valuable minutes everyday - YOUR time!

Very, very best wishes to you Bliss. You are very brave to have electively gone IP, but even braver to register that you need some lifestyle changes. Congratulations!!!!!!!


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