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I'm sorry you are going through so much stress with your son. I take Lithium, but I don't have any problems aside from a few mild side effects. I really only know about Bipolar Disorder and OCD. I'm not familiar with the other disorders your son is suffering from, so I really can't offer any advice about them. Is he in therapy? Quite often, cognitive behavioral therapy will help people learn how to cope with Bipolar. Recognize symptoms, etc. Also, a lot of patience is needed. It's very hard, borderline impossible to find a medication that will work in just a few weeks. Most medications require gradually increasing the dose to reach a theraputic dose. Especially Lithium. It can take weeks(sometimes more), for a medicine to start working. It can also take a very long time to find the right medication and or combination of medications to work. I tried lamictal, geodon, zoloft, lexapro, trileptal, seroquel, and many others before my doctor found the right combination. Sometimes the combination of medications is what works. My suggestion is (as hard as it is), be patient and continue to do a great job communicating with your son's doctor. I can't imagine how hard it is to see your son suffer and I'm sure it's hard to put up with the abuse as well. Just remember, it takes a while to find a happy medium with all of those meds. I'm sure it's harder to treat a child as well. They can't take all of the medicines and the high doses that adults can.

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