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Hi all, i am new to this thread, but not so new to mood disorders and Bipolar. Right now i am struggling with my son who is fourteen. When do you say enough is enough? I am running out of energy with him. Has anyone ever had to have thier child hospitalized? I am getting to that stage here in thinking it may be best but not sure how to go about it all, and he gets councling and we also do family to help others cope , but we don't get relief anymore except school if hes not in trouble. I had respite for him in the past but it wasn't working and were getting it going again but this is a hard road we have had to go. On top of all this i have alot of medical issues right now, and i struggled with clinical depression most of my teenage years and eventually diagnosed Bp in thirties and it seems to get worse as i get older. I also have another son who they thought maybe Bp but diagnosed him adhd due to his age and are now agreeing to get him a real eval, and another son who has adhd combined type and underlying mood disorder. Dad possible Bp also, but men. I am just seeking any support i can get right now in how to handle all this as i am drained! It seems even though i do get a break when hes at school, right when he walks in the door i'm feeling like it wasn't even a break!
Love, Monkey

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