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Oct 11, 2007
Saw the pdoc today and told her everything. She could already tell I was manic though within minutes anyways. She gave me clonazepam to sleep and also to take during the day. I was to take 2 (1mg) at night and 1 (1mg) in the morning. I took 2 tonight and it hasn't even touched me. What am I supposed to feel while on this med? Then I took ANOTHER 2 (so another 4mg) and I'm still not sleepy. It's 3am now.

Am supposed to call her on fri to see if any improvement and also to add another mood stabilizer. I am scared that she is going to take me off lamictal or wellbutrin xl. I have felt REALLY good on this combo. I don't want to lose that. This combo has been making me feel so great.

I'm not sure if I should take this clonazepam. They are just trying to bring me down. It feels so good but I know the consequences are coming and I have to be responsible. I am just so terrified of becoming flat. I like who I am now.

And I especially don't want any weight gaining mood stabilizers. I am afraid she will put me on depakote or zyprexa. Oh boy the fun never ends!!!

Any comments would be much appreciated! Thank you all for listening.

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