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Hi, jmh:wave: Welcome to the board!! was GREAT to come upon your post....I have a 19 year old daughter who was just diagnosed at one of Dr. Amen's Clinics with the use of SPECT Imaging with ADD Type 6/Mood Disorder NOS. Basically they say that by the results of her history, psychological testing and what was revealed on the SPECT Scan that she has a significant ADD, the one that has lots of impulsivity, irritability, lack of concentration, racing thoughts and "hardheadedness/one way thinking". There also is significant involvement in her mood centers and they saw some signs of depression on the scan as well. They couldn't diagnose her with BP because she hasn't had any true depressive episodes or hypo(mania). And I am quite impressed by the results because all along I was not sure what was going on, I KNEW that it was something but she wasn't presenting the same way as my other daughter who does have BP/ADD. To me she presented as a very "soft" BP if anything at all. I didn't realize how many characteristics that ADD and BP shared until going through all of this. daughter is just starting to talk about her diagnosis (ADD) and realize that there is a problem that needs to be treated. For so long we fought with her to get help and lost many years because of that. She refused to think that she had BP like her sister and while I still am on the lookout for signs of BP, I think that we're all okay with "mood disorder" although when she refers to anything about her issues she uses the term "ADD".

Anyway....I wanted to mention a natural supplement that alot of mothers use that is okayed by the pdoc to try for sleep. It doesn't work for everybody but may be worth a try. It was found that a natural supplement called Mealtonin could really help with sleep. [I]"MIT researchers reported in the October issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that doses of melatonin, a pineal hormone that is secreted by humans at night, can help older adult insomniacs obtain a good night's sleep."[/I] Some studies say that you can get away with just 1mg and have the same effect as taking 8mgs. The optimal dose according to Vanderbilt University is .3mgs which is less than what the supplement comes in but does vary from person to person.

I would start out with a half of a 1 mg tablet. You can find Melatonin in the vitamin section of your pharmacy. I would get the 1 mg bottle, and as I said, take one half of that 20-40 minutes before bedtime. Try that for a few nights and if it doesn't work I would go to one tablet and see how that goes. They say that you can go up to 8 mgs even more....Melatonin shouldn't give you a groggy or hungover feeling, if it does then you are taking too much. There is no way to overdose on this supplement so I would just see if you can get to a level that helps. If it doesn't then I second F&D's advice of looking into Seroquel. Lack of sleep is so important to get ahead of...without it you can easily be triggered into a hypo(mania). So perhaps trying the Melatonin before your appointment may help out. Of course I would run it past your pdoc by placing a simple not wait until Nov. need to take care of this sleep issue NOW before it throws you all off.

As far as the seasonal aspects you are experiencing that is quite common with BP....I noticed with my younger daughter an increase in hypomania around Halloween time and then in the winter more signs of depression. Sometimes minor adjustments in your meds will help out that you and your doctor come up with together that you can use during the seasons that give you alot of trouble. My older daughter experiences SAD (Seasonal Affective Depression) and they just added Wellbutrin to her Lamictal yesterday so perhaps that will help her out.

I am hoping that, like you, my daughter will stop using alcohol and Marijuana which she has been experimenting with since the age of 14 when her problems first started. I really feel that she has been self medicating and hopefully when on the right meds will have no reason to use alcohol or other street drugs to make herself feel better.

You seem like a very insightful young man and I hope you won't mind if I compare notes with you every once in a while since you are the same age as my older daughter.

I do worry about her being away at college when she is just starting to get on her meds. We just about had to drag her in to have the evaluation and SPECT Scan....she fought us all the way telling us that we were wasting alot of money and that there was nothing wrong with her. WE told her that as far as we were concerned it was a win-win situation....that either the scan of her brain was going to confirm our suspicions OR it would show a "normal" brain in which case we would know that her behavior was all "willingful" on her part!!!;) I think that when she laid eyes on that scan that compared to a "normal" brain was all fired up it was exactly what she needed to see in order to believe that something was REALLY truly going on in her brain.

To us as her parents, it was worth every single penny to nip this in the bud before it destroyed everything good in her life. She is an excellent student and worker and the way that we saw things going either she was going to cause harm to herself or others or end up in jail or a rehab.

How are your parents taking all of this??? I commend you on breaking the cycle of your grandpa, your taking care of things now is truly going to change your life for the better.;)

Sorry for the lengthy post...I am known to be long winded and if it is too much just let me know and I will try to be short & sweet next time.;)

Again, welcome and I look forward to seeing more of you on the board.

(((HUGS))) ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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