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Hi to everyone,

My name is Lucy and i am trying to find a few things out about Bipolar,im hoping someone will be able to give me some directio.
This post maybe quite long so you may want to get pretty comfy before reading this :D
Ok since about the age of 16 (when i started my periods) i have suffered on and off depression that has rabged from lasting months to a year.I was nevr actually properly diagnosed with depression until after i had my daughter.I was actually diagnosed with post natal depression,wheni look back now it was like a totally differnt person to the person i am now.It actually scares me thinking back.But i got help was on medication for about a year maybe a bit longer and thankfully am better now!!
Ok my mother has been a very funny creature for as long as i can remember,her mood swings were horrendous,she would go from being moody,closed,defensive,angry,bitter,to suddnely,cheerful,happy,enthusiastic,postive ect in a matter of hours!! It was very starnge as my sister and i never knew what mood she would be like from one to to the next.She progressively got worse as the years past or maybe i noticed it more as i got older and still to this day switches moods in a matter of hours,sometimes days sometimes weeks.I have noticed a slight improvement since she went past the menopause though.
Now with me,every single relationship i have been in,ebry partner has said the same thing abot me,about my moods!! about how quickly i switch and at how i am like Jeckl and Hyde!!
I notcie it more two weeks or a week before my period but i all honesty im like it all the time its just accentuated before my period.I can go from being really high,feeling like a have a whole heep of energy,like i could run a marathon,sometimes i use it to my advantage and hit the gym or go for a run (i love exercising anyway and am a gym instructor) i feel happy,then suddenyl bam!! The smallest thing can set me off,a phonecall from work,some bad news,i got to a very depressed,solem,cant concentrate,aggressive,distant person.These moods change from day to day and im sick of it now.My depressive states last a couple of weeks,days and the highs come and go.But what im confused about is whether i have bi polar or wheterh i am just not fully recovered from the depression??? How do i know? Its so hard to split the two??People always comment on my moods,how one min a ican be a friendly approachable person to the next being a horrible,moody unaproacable person?
Can a bi polar person not have children? surly if im on medication you cant? do you have to take medication for the rest of your life? I feel annoyed that my body is battling against me?? Its stoping me from doing or having the things i want!!

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