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I would carry my meds with me, but I don't like taking a purse around (I always forget it - my motto is if it doesn't fit in my pockets and/or bookbag, I don't need it. But I did seriously consider taking my Seroquel with me...our school system has a Zero Tolerance Policy for stuff like that so I wasn't quite willing to risk it...I have considered getting a thing of Altoids and putting my meds in it just in if I forget my morning meds or something. It sounds like a good idea, but I will run it by Mom first, just in case.[/QUOTE]

Oh, Paige, no-no....don't bring your meds to school!!! I know how that works, you have to go do what they said...I was talking about if you are busy with life and out somewhere like the movies and forgot to take your meds that you have a spare dose in your purse or something just in case.

I am glad that you got to see Game Plan....I recall seeing the reviews for that movie and it looked like a good one. I saw that August Rush doesn't come out until just before Thanksgiving.

It really sounds like you are doing quite well since getting out of the hospital. I am glad that you have this long weekend to take some of the pressure off of yourself so that you can try to get caught up with things. The timing is perfect!!

Glad to hear that your day went better for you today.

((((HUGS)))) ~ Goody:angel: :wave:

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