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Zyprexa Question
Dec 13, 2007
I have been weaning off the zyprexa for a little over 5 weeks im down to taking 1/4 pill of a 2.5 mgs and going to keep it at that dose for a few more days before I drop the dose again I am also on Paxil anf kolonopin staying on those two meds but every time I drop my dose of the zyprexa i get nasious for a few days and a little anxiety comes back then I balance back out on the new dose I want off this medicine but am afraid to stop it would like to hear from ones who had success in coming off this medicine and how they did it. Please help with some good advice. Thank You Suebird
I was on zyprexa fer about 6 mnths & had a few problems w/ coming off of it. The nausia & sum diahrea were my only withdraw symptoms & they only lasted a few days at most. U might try a lil coke a cola to settle ur belly down. Peppermint wrks pretty well also. Hope this helps a lil. Shane

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