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[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="2"]Sorry I haven't checked in for a while. For one thing, I've been doing GREAT on 900mg lithium/day. I'm soooo happy about that! About 3 weeks after I went to that amount, dh said to me, "It's nice to have you back." Anyway, being more stable than I've been my whole adult life, I've been out and about, and really not even wanting to think about bipolar disorder. But I want to be a support to others still stuggling, as I did for 5 years....

Also, I had a hysterectomy and a full tummy tuck w/ab muscle repair (5 babies) on Dec 18, so any laptop time I've spent has been on those boards. What a journey it's been. I'm feeling (and lookin' ;) ) pretty good. Can't lift anything over 5 lbs for another month, and I'm hoping to be "allowed" to drive next week.

I was only off my lithium for one day, the day of the surgeries, and I didn't miss it. Fortunatley, I was able to take percaset (for pain) and valium ( as a muscle relaxant, but I'm sure it helped my BP!) along with it.

I'm gonna try and check the board once a week, if I can be any help to anyone out there.

BTW, your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated for my friend and her daughter. Her daughter is really going through it. She's either bipolar or borderline, poor kid. It's been really hard on the whole family as well. I've encouraged my friend to join this board, but I think she's just too overwhelmed at this point...[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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