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I just started lithium today...

I have been over eating all winter. I am not that big. Went from 145-160 over past few years, mostly because I have been severely depressed and eating junk food...

Anyway, the main reason I started lithium is due to med costs and trying to handle debt. I am high functioning, the exception being when I change meds. Just started recovery summer 2007. I am 28 year old woman. I was very upset today when pdoc prescribed lithium...but got over it and said I will try it.

Anyway, I am BP2.

I want to know what you take for bloating and your experience with lithium.
I have heard b6. Anything else you have done. modified diet? exercise?

it will take me a few months to get on track, but i am very hopeful.

all replies are welcome. i am kind of scared...

If you just started the lithium, it may be a little early to tell if you bloating is actually going to be a problem for you. Why don't you give it a few days and see how it goes?
what about the muscle aches? i am on day 4 and feel ICKY. I am being patient, esp. since I have not had major diharrea or vomiting. Mostly sticking to bed, took a few days from work, watching movies and reading Call Me Anna lol. Now that I am almost in a year a recovery (switched to lithium for fiinancial reasons) I LOVE reading about the awesome successes of highly functioning BPs.

Anyway, check my new post about diet drugs interacting with lithium and lamictal...need all of your input/advise before I see the PCP Monday.

Love, a BP artist/architect/and loving woman,
artsygirl I take gas-x for bloating. I read that book call me Anna, It was very good, I thought. I learned alot. I would suggest not touching diet pills. I believe it works against people with bipolar. You can talk to your pdoc. Exercise and diet is best. I personally feel much better when I exercise. I've lost 62 pounds in 3 or more years by diet and exrcise. Eating the right foods and using portion control, but never starving myself. I also cheat every now and then. I love chocolate and cheese cake.:) Sassy
Thanks, Sassy! It is so good to know someone is out there! Well, I believe I am on day 5 now. I have to say - wow! I am feeling much better!

I need to adjust to taking it at night, because it makes me so sleepy.

I am seeing my pdoc for a checkup Thursday, so I will ask him then about dieting and exercising.

Well, there is another thing I need a little advice on. I started seeing a guy a few weeks ago, before my lamictal ran out and I could not fill due to aetna screwing me over (ie very lazy re-enrolling me until I called the INSURANCE COMMISSIONER). Trust me, I am BP2, so I would be more likely to apologize to anyone. I am NOT the anger/manic type.

Anyway, I called new guy, on Wednesday night, crying because I felt like someone had beaten me up physically, and felt flu like symptoms and was CRASHING HARD. He was very sweet, let me come over. he actually had the flu too. We went to the local pub, grabbed some comfort food.

I was just hoping I didn't scare the crap out of him. Thankfully, he cold turkeyed off lexapro a year ago...and he had similar reactions. His mom is on lexapro indefinitely, but she is prob BP - non specified. His sister is on lexapro also, and he said his dad was in a mental institution at 25 and is also most likely BP1.

So, I am just hoping I have not totally scared him off. He is a really sweet guy and one in a million. I told him I would need a few days to readjust to the new medicine (did not say lithium - as that is very scary to most). He has a major exam on Wednesday, and has been studying with his study biddy I am not getting worried.

He was very sweet. When I felt so bad that night, I asked "When I feel better can we walk around, take some pictures, take ferries and see some of the islands around here." He said most definitely...

I just don't want the stupid word bipolar2 scare someone away from loving me.

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