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Re: Newbie
Aug 16, 2008
Hey speedy, welcome to the board. Lamictal does take a while to work, only because it has to be started at such a low dose and increased in very small increments as opposed to other drugs. But usally after a couple of weeks you should start to feel some effect from it, and once you get to your therapeutic dose hopefully it will help you very much. Just an FYI it can be a bit activating as you begin it and go up to each new dose, but that doesn't last very long, so if that happens to you and your pdoc says it's normal, please don't give up on it. Most of these drugs have some side effect that you have to work through.

I have been on it for 5 months now and it has helped tons with my depression, I am finally up to 300mg. I also use Seroquel to help with the depression and the combination of the 2 seems to be the magic number for me. I also take some other meds for different aspects of the Bipolar, but these two are the major Depression killers for me.

Good luck and let us know how you do!

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