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I'm in the process of switching from lithium to lamictal. I'm presently taking 100mg lamictal as well as 600mg lithium. My pdoc will start weaning me off the lithium in a couple weeks. I've been on the 100mg lamictal for about a month. And for about 3 weeks I've noticed I just can't sleep past 6-7 hrs per night. And this often makes me tired my mid-afternoon. But then I rally and end up staying up til 11:30 or so. Then I'm up around 6. And if I haven't gotten enough sleep and I know I need it (if I'm going to have a demanding day, etc) then I get anxious about not having enough sleep, and then I can't get back to sleep. I won't even look at the clock now.

Does anyone on here have mild insomnia on lamictal?

I used to sleep great on lithium, full 8 hours every night, sometimes 8-1/2! But my short-term memory was not good. That's why the switch to lamictal.

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