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Hello, good people,

I haven't slept more than 2-3 hours in almost a week. I noticed that disruptions push me into this.

One is my cats deciding to have a war at 3-4 a.m.

I have a wonderful garden and nasty upstairs neighbors. One of my magnificent sunflowers, about 14' tall, is at the side of the pth to their door. I was outside today, and the woman started swearing, saying "Somebody's going to get sued, they're letting her do this. I think I"ll trip on it just to get the landlord after her." They didn't know I was standing there, obvioiusly.

After that, I went into a spinning mode, slamming things down, racing around, cleaning, and got very nasty and irritated, and now I know I won't sleep until much later, if at all.

I just wondered if others are triggered into hypomania by things like this that make you furious, and what I can to to govern my reactions and actions better. I get all clenched up and go out of control, just so angry.

Thanks again, blessings to all,

Stress triggers severe depression for me. I know that it does, but I have yet to find a way to stop it.

I hope you get to keep your flowers.
Sorry, I'm in the same boat as Klynn,,,stess is a trigger for the depression monster..but mania/hypomania is very rare for me.
Seaturtle, I am so sorry that you are going through this.. One time in 2006 I went thorugh a week of no sleep and mania, and I ended up in the hospital. and they put me on zyprexa. which stopped all the symthoms and I could finally sleep.....

hope this gets better for you ........... only the right medication will stop it..

hugs, Caren
Thanks, everyone. I will see p/doc on Thursday.

I am sliding right into depression again (what else?) with lots of migraines.

You're right, Caren, this is a med issue.

I appreciate everyone's responses, you're great.

I am in the same boat. I get to where I have a whole week and get an hour or so every night. I finally get to sleep and in the morning I cannot wake up. I am on the verge of sleep all day and if I stop for a moment even to stand, I fall asleep standing up. I try and sleep later that night and it's just useless. I am so tired that all I can do is cry. I can't get back into the doctor until the end of the month. I wonder how little sleep is necessary.

I love my husband and he is as understanding as he can be but it is nice to talk to people who can empathize. Thank you to those who are not ashamed.
Seaturtle I'm not sure if you've already spoke to your doctor I know you had said it was going to be Thursday, but if you are have long fits of non-sleep and feeling like you are slipping back into your depression then it could be something as simple as a med adjustment. I'm sure you already know this, but I have a few suggestions you could bring up and maybe see if you and your dr think they might work for you.

Stress is always a factor for me. I am a full time nursing student in my third year, I have 2 children, a girlfriend and a part/full time job. Stress from all angles can trigger off your mania. Its also that time of the year when the season changes and we turn from really nice weather to blah weather real fast and for bipolar people thats hard to deal with.

You said you were not sleeping well and having migrains. Look up the medicine Topamax for a mood stabilizer. Usually they start off on like 50- 100 mg a day and adjust the dose as needed for each individual. It has a adverse effect which helps with sleep which is why they say to take it at bedtime. I have taken it for a while. I sleep like a baby and I barely get headaches. The medicine was originally designed for epilepsy but they found it works on certain parts of the brain to relax constricted blood vessels which is pretty much a headache, so they prescribe it as a migraine medicine also. It works well for me it cant hurt to ask if it might work for you?? I'm no doctor but I would recommend it to anyone.

Stay strong, I noticed your a big player on this board and even though I'm new I can say we are all here anytime you need help. Somebody has gone through it probably and it seems like a nice circle.

Hope this helped

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