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Last week seemed good, I had a really encouraging meeting with my advisor about my dissertation, I was getting lots of work done (of an objectively high quality--not being grandious). I wondered if I was getting a little hypo-manic, but figured that since I was getting work done, not to worry about it. Well, by Monday I am a basket case--I can't work, I'm doing crazy stuff like rediagraming my dissertation, instead of working (not that diagramming is bad, but for me it's always a sign of mania), decididing to move all my workspace into my bedroom, because that will make it better. My mind is going 1000 miles an minute, and can't focus on more than one thing at all.

So, a rant--I thought at least with all the crud that goes with being manic, you should at least feel good? All I feel is panicky and terrified I'm not getting enough work done.

And a question--how long will this take to resolve? I called my pdoc Monday morning, he told me to take the seroquel up from 75-100mg. that evening. If I didn't see an improvement, to take it up another 25 mg. the next night, then to call him Thursday (he's away celebrating Rosh Hashana so I really don't want to disturb him, although he reminded me that I can).

Any thoughts, experiences? This is my first hypomanic episode since diagnosis that's lasted more than 1 day, so I don't know what to expect. Does my pdoc's approach seem reasonable? (he knows I am reluctant to add in new medications if at all possible.)

Other basic info: I take 100mg lamictal for depression (and can't give it up, it is the miracle that saved me, literally), and cymbalta, 60 for anxiety.

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